Clients Reviews

We received Grace at Sydney airport 3 days ago. We were very concerned about the flight, but everything worked just fine , Thanks to Ragdoll kitten Nation. As soon as we saw Grace we knew that she was special. Not only absolutely beautiful but such a sweet personality. She sat on my lap for the long 2hr drive, she wanted to be petted, and by time we got home she was sleeping right on my lap. We were already friends. Thanks Ragdoll kitten Nation, it's so exciting to have a new family member.

Melodi B.

I received 'Christian Golden Tulip' on Tuesday morning. He was exactly what his picture described and his level of affection and socialism was amazing. He is growing and developing beautifully in look, intelligence, personality and charm. In just 2 weeks Christian so at 4.5 months he is 18 inch long from nose to tail with a 12 inch tail, and weighs approximately 7 lbs. He is well loved and enjoyed. Thank you Ragdoll kitten Nation for providing a beautiful boy for my family.

Johnson D.

My two kittens flew in a few days ago. I took one glance and could not believe how gorgeous they both looked. The female is outstandingly beautiful and elegant. The male is so handsome and unique looking. Their looks are one of a kind. I have never seen such amazingly beautiful looking Ragdoll.

Kelly Jane

Our beautiful fur baby is so amazing. Thanks to Ragdoll kitten Nation. Not only did the owners send us updates and pictures, they also gave us a walk through, litter box suggestions and playtime. They always emailed us back and answered all our questions. Barbosa is so cuddly and curious. We are so pleased with him. Thank you Ragdoll kitten Nation

Carson B.